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Taking Action Suffolk County is a nonprofit dedicated to the residents of Suffolk County, New York, who believe in commonsense and progressive values. We support civil rights. We want to protect our environment. We believe in equal opportunity for all. We know we have a voice. 

TASC is organized to support progressive candidates, boost voter registration and get more of our neighbors involved in electing Democrats. 

In 2017 TASC registered with the FEC to raise money to install progressives in elected office throughout Suffolk County. Join us



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Why we are Here

Suffolk County is one of the most diverse areas in New York, and it is full of swing districts that have the capacity to move from Blue to Red and back again freely. The key to growing a strong Democratic stronghold in the towns and county races, as well as at the state and national level, is engaging with potential voters who are not voting and helping them to see their value in the democratic process.

our plan

TASC's goal is to get residents of Suffolk County, who share our Democratic values, involved in local politics. We want our friends and neighbors to know what’s on the ballot, when to register, where to vote, how to get candidates elected or, even, how to run for office themselves.

We have a three-pronged approach:

  • Reach out to the 21,000 inactive registered Democrats by mail, social media and in person.

  • Identify the issues pressuring unregistered voters, get them on the rolls and involved. 

  •  Share news about what’s happening in Suffolk County from the villages to county wide. We will hold information sessions about issues that affect you. We will host candidates for meet and greets and forums. We will introduce you to the politicians who ultimately make the decisions. They will hear from you.